Self-care woes

For the past week, my goal was to focus on self-care. The idea was that in paying attention to my self-care, I would have a wonderful story to share regarding the benefits received by taking the time to focus on meeting my needs physically, mentally, spiritually, and emotionally. And well, life got in the way.

imagesI noticed that when I “fell off the self-care wagon” I experienced a great deal of guilt, shame, and embarrassment. The inner critic continued to remind me, “You’ve started a company based upon the merits of self-care and yet you seem unable of walking your own walk.”

And because the voice of this criticism was so loud, the only thing I could do was return to my asana practice. (In sanskrit, the word “asana” refers to one’s seat, for originally yoga was not the physical exercises¬†we currently associate with the practice and instead was the act of meditation, of quieting the fluctuations of the mind.)

In returning to my asana practice, and in quieting the thoughts in my mind, I had the opportunity to see for the first time all the things that were working in my life. I could see all the things I had taken for granted instead of acknowledging for their contributions.

The invitation I have for you, is what is already working for you right now? What in your life is supporting you in ways that often are takenimages for granted? How does your awareness of this support enable¬†you to ease the amount of ‘work’ you need to do in order to fully take care of yourself? How does this realization promote a softening towards whatever attitudes you have towards self-care and invite a deeper sense of gratitude towards the people, places, and things that support you and your wellbeing. And if nothing immediately comes to mind, see if you are able to sit, to still the mind, and allow these gifts to begin to reveal themselves.