Self-care = I got this

The idea of self-care has been popping into my mind from time to time over the past few weeks. Specifically, I have found myself realizing that in order to expand, one must first have all of one’s basic needs (whatever they may look like) met. And where those needs have yet to be met, one must practice a form of self-care to get those needs met.

In this context, self-care might mean, trusting that when we feel fatigued, we rest. It might mean that when we feel that something isn’t “right” we trust that inner voice and take the necessary steps to follow its lead. Self-care could also mean practicing honest vulnerability by connecting with others and sharing what is true for you in a given moment in time.

Whatever form “self-care” might take, ultimately it is an action that requires we take responsibility for ourselves and our lives. In such a state, growth is possible because is reinforces the notion that any action of self-care – whatever it looks like – is based upon an underlying trust in one’s ability to “handle” whatever life throws their way. Self-care is in its basest form, an act of self-preservation. This preservation of the organism that you are, is required in order to do all the wonderful, magnificent things you have dreamed of for your life.

The question I have for you, the one I am working to answer for myself this week is: How am I doing in terms of self-care and where can I improve my efforts to fully supporting the preservation of my organism? This question can be applied to your sense of self-care within your external relationships, your occupation, or how you treat yourself and your physical body. Wherever you begin your inquiry, can you check in to see where you might push when you need to rest or tend to check out when you need to move forward? And from that place, ask yourself: What is the impact of this decision? Is it working for me? What is it providing for me and what is it costing me?

Awareness is often cited as the first step towards transformation. So note that whatever you discover is simply the informed awareness that will then allow you to move closer towards your goals.

To aid on your exploration, I would like to offer the following mantras:
“I don’t make mistakes, mistakes make me.” And, “No matter what, I got this!” Our practice of self-care is a process that takes time to learn, it must be continuously practiced, and it purposefully engaged with to care for the organism that we are and have the potential to become.