A Week Of Gratitude

For many people the Holidays can be both a joyful time as well as a stressful time. The extended interactions with loved ones can sometimes leave us feeling taxed or depleted – to the point that we inadvertently say or do something hurtful when we don’t intend to. Often because our own cup hasn’t been filled. 

To help, I am offering a series of pre-recorded asana classes, as well as some accompanying contemplation points, that you can take throughout the week whenever works best for you.  The hope is that if we each have tools by which to ground and steady ourselves, we will be better able to show up with our loved ones as we wish to.

To ensure that cost isn’t baring participation, each session will be donation based. Whether it’s $1, $5, or $20 – no worries. Whatever feels both generous and supportive to you is the perfect amount to contribute. 

Practice One: Noticing the gifts we take for granted

Contemplation Points:

  • What are your gifts? These could include your innate talents and abilities, your developed strengths and gifts, as well as your physical and energetic resources?
  • In what ways might you share some of these gifts with others?

Practice Two: Learning how to “Go with the flow”

Contemplation Points:

  • Where in your life might you be helped by learning to embrace what is happening – exactly as it is without judgement, guilt, shame, or blame?
  • How might you utilize your ability to creatively respond to the situation – as it is – without blaming anyone or anything – including yourself – for how things are?
  • In which ways might you be defending a particular vantage point or opinion? And how might you begin to let go of that need to defend a particular opinion in order to welcome what is happening in this moment?

Practice Three: The Dynamic Exchange

Contemplation Points:

  • What is it that you seek – physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, personally, or professionally?
  • In what ways might you begin to act before “proof” is available and start giving those very same things to yourself and others – with the trust and understanding that that which you seek you already have?

Practice Four: Gently Extending The Capacity To Let Go

Contemplation Points:

  • What did you notice about your breath?
  • What changes did you notice in your breath from when we started to when we ended?

Practice Five: Short centering Practice

Contemplation Points:

  • How was this practice for you?
  • What did you notice?