imgresThe One Beautiful You, LLC was founded with the purpose of helping others cultivate a greater sense of self-care. Through a uniquely designed series of classes and programs, One Beautiful You works with individuals and groups to facilitate the increased wellness and wellbeing of its clients so that they may feel empowered to show up more fully in their lives.


Mission and Vision

imagesAt the One Beautiful You, we believe every person is beautiful and unique. We strive to support and celebrate  the remarkable individual that one is by approaching every interaction from a position of unconditional love and support. This guiding principal enables us to create a nurturing, yet challenging, environment that equips each person to more fully explore, care for, and share the deeper expression of his/her being.


Who we are: What we do 

Each member of One Beautiful You is committed to living a life of abundance, joy, gratitude, and authenticity. Through our varied experiences, and a deep trust in the power of self-care, we work to support the development and cultivation of our clients.

imgresThis manifests through a series of programs and offerings that are designed to encourage and nurture one’s curiosity as well as innate ability to honor and care for the exquisite and unique individual within. From this position, we believe each person is empowered to share his/her gifts with the world in a manner that feels both authentic and gratifying, as well as of service to the larger community in which one lives.


      • Help alleviating physical pains and limitations within one’s asana practice
      • Implementation of strategies for managing stress, reducing muscle tension and tightness, as well as gaining physical strength
      • Tools and practices for easing mood and emotional imbalances
      • Means of  promoting general health and wellbeing
      • Tools to improve one’s breathing patterns



To join my mailing list, schedule a consultation, or set up a session, contact Jessica at jessica@theonebeautifulyou.com or 720-507-6502.