Below you will find an assortment of various articles I have read that I found helpful in terms of shifting one’s perspective or providing more insight into the wholistic practice of Yoga, Health, and Wellbeing.

Dharma Comics


Link: 12 Dharma comics on the truths of life, meditation, and practice. 

Author: Leah Pearlman

Source: Yoga Journal

Why its included: Because humor is often a kinder and easier way to take in the truth.

Infuse Self-Talk with Self-Love

Link: 5 Ways to Infuse Your Self-Talk with Self-Love

Author: Niurka


Source: Yoga Journal Online

Why it’s included here: I enjoyed how this article tactfully pointed out how being mindful about the thoughts and words we think and speak have the power to create our reality.

Questions are the key

Link: Are questions the key to happiness?

Author: Gary Douglas

Source: Yoga Journal

Why its included: We all need to be reminded that the search for happiness comes from asking the right questions.

The Power of Perception

Link: The Power of Perception: A simple key to greater emotional freedom

Author:  Joy Stone

Source: Yoga U online

Why it’s included: I often find that sometimes I need a reminder about the power of my perceptions and how very often the source of our suffering is the stories we create about life instead of life itself.

Keys to Happiness

Link: 11 habits of truly happy people


Author: Travis Bradberry 

Source: Entrepreneur

Why its included: We all can use a bit of guidance on finding ways to make ourselves happier.

Path to deeper connection

Link:Do you filter your feelings? Elevate your communication to connect with yourself.

Author: Laura Riley

Source: Yoga Journal

Why its included: Sometimes we need to be reminded of the importance of an honest, potentially vulnerable conversation.

Become a character Butterfly

Link: 3 tips to keep Self-Doubt at Bay.

Author: Najma Khorrami

Source: Sivana East

Why it’s included: Sometimes we all need some assistance when it comes to addressing our anxieties and worries.

Pain as Blessings in Disguise

Link: An epidemic of neck pain might be a blessing in disguise.

Author: Christine Carr

Source: Elephant Journal

Why its included: Because we all need more reminders why technology and convenience have their drawbacks.

Get out of Disembodied Head Mode

Link: Use Meditation to get out of Disembodied Head Mode and surrender to your heart

Author: Dennis Hunter

Source: Yoga Journal

Why its included: I loved the integration of the loving kindness meditation as well as a focus on connecting with one’s heart while meditating.

Embodiment is the New Xanax

Link: Embodiment is the New Xanax: 4 Reasons to Start Tuning-in instead of zoning out

Author: Kristine Kaoverii Weber

Source: Yoga U Online

Why its included: I am all about natural ways to improve my health and wellbeing. Apparently, by simply being in my body, and present to everything that is happening moment by moment, I can alleviate many physical and emotional ailments.

Letting go 

Link: How to Navigate Changes in Friendships

Author: Derek Lovell

Source: Sivana East

Why its included: We all need to know that some times letting go is good for us as well as the other person.



Link: Don’t Help Anyone!

Source: West Coast Intensive in NVC

Author: Ranjana (Ranji) Ariaratnam

Why its included: Often I find that I automatically go into “helping” mode, only to feel exhausted afterwards. Here Ariaratnam explains why this may be so.

The yoga rules to live by

Title: An in-depth look at the Yamas and Niyamas

Author: Andrew Hillam

Source: Sonima

Why its included: Yoga is more than the postures one does on the mat. Yoga is what happens in our day to day lives and this article nicely summarizes the key tenants of our yoga practice – i.e. the Yamas and Niyamas.

Why Zoning out isn’t helping

Article: The common stress solutions that make you loose sleep 

Author: Paige Fowler

Source: Sonima

Why its included: We all think that escaping a difficult situation, feeling, thought, or emotion is helping and yet… what we resists persists.

Why its time to let go of clutter

Link: 5 ways clutter hurts your health (and how to fix it)

White dishes and glassware, stacked neatly on a white-wash kitchen hutch.

Author: Diana Kelly

Source: Sonima

Why its included: Spring is around the corner, and even if it weren’t we all could use a reminder of why it might be time to let some things go.

Thank you Very Much. I have no complaints

Link: Thank You Very Much: The Art Of Reframing

Author: Lynn Crimando

Source: Yoga U Online

Why its included: This article serves as another example of why  Pratipaksha Bhavana, or what in cognitive psychology is known as cognitive reframing, is the way to ease suffering.

Generosity without Ego

Link: The art of practicing generosity without ego

Author: Sally Kempton

Source: Yoga Journal

Why its included: I often feel pulled (and subsequently guilty) of instances in which I am either able to be generous or not and Kempton provides some great food for thought on how and why we need to find balance in our acts of generosity.

Steps for establishing a Meditation Practice

Link: Your Guide to Making Meditation a way of Life.

Author: Richard Miller, Ph.D.

Source: Yoga Journal

Why its included: Sometimes I struggle with my meditation practice and these tips were helpful.

The Powers of Meditation?

Link: Change your Mind, Change your Body?


Author: Jaime Zimmerman

Source: Sonima

Why it’s here: I was inspired by the multiple effects that my meditation practice could have on other areas of my life.

Mindful Speaking


Link: Me Talk Pretty

Source: Yoga Journal

Author: Sally Kempton

Why it’s included here: For, as Kempton says, “Our relationships, our work environment, even our feelings about ourselves, can be transformed simply by taking time to think about how words create reality.”


Link: Grounded in Gratitude – Practice for Positivity


Source: Yoga Journal

Author: Frank Jude Boccio

Why its here: Often times we can feel alone and isolated in the universe, upset with the way things are going. Boccio presents a very simple, easy, and effective way of shifting one’s outlook on life.

The Reason to Forgive

Link: The Unique Power of Forgiveness


Source: Sonima

Author: Rina Deshpande

Why its included: Because sometimes we need a bit of encouragement (or in this case, some scientific research) to promote forgiveness of self and others.

How Yoga Works

Link: Scientific Research: How Yoga Works

Source: Yoga International

Author: Angela Wilson

Why its included: For those of us who like to have a better understanding of why we feel better after a good yoga class.

Natural Mood Boosts

Link: 4 ways to boost your mood naturally


Source: Sonima

Author: Dr. Janet Zand

Why its included here: I am all about non-prescription means of handling depression and other experiences of sadness.

Why we want to complain less

Link: How complaining rewires your brain for negativity


Author:  Dr. Travis Bradberry 

Source: The Huffington Post

Why its included: Science now demonstrates the connection between negative thoughts/words we speak and how we perceive and function in the world.

The Intriguing Way Breath Affects Your Workout

Link: Breath and workout


Author: Elinor Fish

Source: Sonima

Why its included here: To support the working to the point where one can’t breath relatively comfortably can actually put one at risk for injury.

Too much breathing can be a bad thing

Link: Chronic over breathing


Author: Sergey Petrovic

Source: LinkedIn

Why its here: While this is an advertisement for his company, Nirvana Fitness, the article does discuss the potential impact caused by frequent, shallow breaths.

5 mindfulness practices


Link: 5 mindfulness meditation to master your emotions and face stress

Author: Rebecca Tolin

Source: Yoga Journal

Why its included: We all need simple meditation practices to calm our emotional minds.

3 Reasons for a Digital Detox

Link: Put down your phone!


Author: Jennifer D’Angelo Friedman

Source: Yoga Journal

Why its included here: As means by which one can decrease anxiety and depression and increase connection.

Latest findings on Yoga Participants


 Link: Study Highlights

 Source: Yoga Alliance

Author: Yoga Journal + Yoga Alliance

Why its included here: To chart the changes in the practice and popularity of Yoga in America.

What Is Love? Understand the 3 Spiritual Levels of Love


 Link: What is love?

 Source: Yoga Journal

Author: Sally Kempton

Why its included here: For the insightful way in which to see love in its various forms.

Why More Western Doctors Are Now Prescribing Yoga Therapy

Link: Why Western Doctors Are Prescribing Yoga Therapy


Source: Yoga Journal

Author: Susan Enfield

Why its included here: This article highlights some of the new applications of yoga within the western health care system.

Meditation as a treatment for Pain

Link: Need a Stronger Pain Killer? Try your meditation cushion


Source: Yoga Journal

Author: Carrie Anton

Why It’s Here: All of us here at T.O.B.Y. are interested in alternate ways of managing pain and stress outside of medication.

Three simple meditation techniques

Link: Tune in to your breath


Author: Richard Miller, PhD 

Source: Yoga Journal

Why its included here: All of us want to learn to better handle our stress and sometimes we need simple techniques to show us how to do just that.

Recent psychotherapy review sheds light on the inner critic

LinkThe fascinating science on why you’re so hard on yourself

Source: Sonima

Surfing drop.

Author: Rina Deshpande

Why its included here: Scientific evidence discusses the inner critic and provides statistics to support the practice of  self-compassion as a means of better emotional health.

Fear and Stepping beyond your comfort zone


Link: 4 secrets to overcoming fear

Source: Yoga Journal

Author: Mary Beth LaRue

Why its here: Fear (False Evidence that appears real) affects all of us and sometimes its helpful to know how others deal with their bouts of feeling scared.

Why yoga works


Link: Happy in your own skin

Source: Yoga Journal

Author: Dorothy Foltz-Gray

Why its included: Because we all need some help in making friends with our minds

The Importance of learning to Fail

Photo by Lauren Lancaster for The New York Times

Link: On campus, Failure is on the Syllabus

Source: New York Times

Author: Jessica Bennet

Why its included: Occasionally, we all need a reminder that there is a high cost to the pursuit of “perfection.”

A Self Care Practice

Link: A Yoga Sequence For Resilience (Especially For Care Givers)

Source: Yoga Journal

Author: Pamela Stokes Eggleston

Why its included: Because we all need a simple practice that we can do to refill our own tanks. And I was honored to be able to model for this feature.