As you Sew

A few nights ago, I woke up abruptly after having a somewhat startling dream. The words – “As you sew, so you’ll reap” – continued to ring in my ears. In attempting to interpret the dreams significance, I have come up with the following:


  1. Sometimes I will act because I believe my actions have no real impact or importance.
  2. This belief stems from the assumption that if no one sees me doing something, then the said thing never happened.
  3. There is always an effect of every action – regardless of whether that effect is immediately apparent.

Hence the statement: “As you sew, so you’ll reap.”

Yes, this statement – and perhaps my dreams intensity – have the potential to suggest that our negative actions may come back to haunt us. But it doesn’t have to! This statement – “As you sew, so you’ll reap” –  could also serve as a positive reminder that all our actions have an impact. All our actions will eventually bare fruit.

The question I have for each of you, the question I am continuing to ask of myself, is: What do you wish to reap? What things do you want to harvest, manifest, and cultivate in your life? And how can you begin to sew those seeds now? After all, energy flows where your attention goes, so why not set our attention on something we wish to bring to life.  As you sew, so you’ll reap.


Mini Meditation:

Take a moment to set an intention for yourself. Allow this intention to be a seed that you carry within your heart. Your seed could be in the area of health and wellbeing, communication with your peers and loved ones, or perhaps the relationship you have with yourself and your own mental chatter. Whatever it is, take a moment to visualize reaping a particular bounty.

Next, close your eyes and begin to settle in on your imgres-1breath. Begin to follow your breathe as you imagine yourself walking out into an open clearing of land. Take a moment to smell the soil beneath your feet, feel the sun on your face, and notice the coolness of the gentle breeze that softly brushes against your skin.

Carefully take a seat on the ground. Place your hands in the freshly tilled soil. Hold it in your hands and really feel the texture, weight, and moister of the dirt. Using one hand and then the other, begin to dig a small hole about 1 foot deep.

After you’ve dug a sufficient hole, return your awareness to your heart center where your seed intention resides. See yourself carefully remove your seed of intention from your heart center and place it tenderly into the soil.

Using one hand and then the other, begin to cover the seed with the removed soil and firmly pat the seed into place.

Next imagine that there is a pail of water you’ve brought with you, begin to nourish your seed with water as you imgres-2send it loving energy, rays of light, from your heart center.

As you continue to take a few breaths, each time sending loving energy towards your seed, notice how your seed begins to break through the surface and grow into a beautiful plant. Continue to watch the seed grow into the full harvest that you initially imagined. Once the seed reaches its full height, carefully begin to bring your attention back to the room with the awareness of everything that is possible.