“Freedom is gained incrementally and over time.” – B.K.S. Iyengar

In Light on Life B.K.S. Iyengar wrote: “Freedom is gained incrementally and over time.” Within the context of the chapter, this statement is intended to remind the reader that although we tend to think of change, and its co-conspirator time, as continuous, forward moving, linear functions, both are a series of distinct entities that our perceptions (and ego) weave together to create a sense of coherency. Thus, change doesn’t happen over time and instead happens within a discrete moment of time.

I found this assertion to be so interesting for how often do we fully inhabit, experience, or embrace the uniqueness, strength, or power that occurs within this specific moment of time? Too often, I tend to judge and compare what is going on right now with what has been before or what I think should come ahead. But what if I The_10_Strategydidn’t do this? What if I could trust that “Freedom is gained incrementally and over time” and embrace Iyengar’s assertion that in time I will gain all that I seek? What would life look like then?

For today, I invite each of you to define what “Freedom” looks like for you? What does it look like? How does that freedom manifest? Whatever “freedom” looks like for you, I would like you to insert that word into Iyengar’s statement:

“________is gained incrementally and over time”

And then see if you can allow yourself to fully surrender to the idea that with(in) time, and over a series of small discrete steps, you will attain that freedom. It could be anything from mastery of a particular asana, a better working relationship with your friends and family, or an improved state of health and wellbeing. Whatever it is, I would like you to remind yourself, “______ is gained incrementally and over time.” Say as a mantra any time you feel discouraged and see what effect that new idea has on your thoughts, your feelings, and within your body.