Dharma Talks

“Dharma” conveys a multitude of meanings depending upon one’s orientation. Within many Indian traditions including Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism, and Sikhism, the word Dharma speaks to the moral or religious actions of an individual that are in accordance with the Universal Plans for each person’s life and how that individual expression of life serves the greater whole.

In many instances, when one lives in accordance with one’s unique Dharma (entitled one’s Svadharma), an individual imgrestranscends the limitations of their smaller self (i.e. their “I” related ego) and reunites with the Divine aspects of one’s larger Self (i.e. the Universal Consciousness that is within each of us). When one reaches such a state of unity, life is said to be good. (These types of Dharma I like to refer to with the use of a capital D.)

However, there are other instances when the word Dharma is used. Very often, within the context of a Western Yoga Class, a “dharma talk” will proceed the start of an asana practice. In this context, the word “dharma” doesn’t necessarily imply that the teaching is based upon some larger Universal “Truth.” Instead, very often – or at least, in my usage – the dharma for the day is simply a philosophical contemplation that serves as the anchoring point for a given practice.

Here, the purpose of the dharma talk is to present an object of contemplation that sheds light on, and hopefully positively shapes, one’s perspective on a given subject through a philosophical teaching. (In these instances, I use the word dharma with a lowercase d.)

Below you will find musings that fall into the latter category. That is, all the writings below are “dharma talks”  that have served as anchors for many of my classes.  

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Why Do you Do Yoga?                         Taking Yoga Off the Mat

Responsibility                                       Imposter Syndrome

“Love your apartment…”                   Shedding



The Courage to Show-up Fully          Being My Own Worst Enemy

What if God Were One of Us?            The Danger of the In-betweens

Asteya                                                    “Freedom is Gained…” 



Truthfulness                                          The Cost of “I Don’t Know

The Courage to Walk your Talk         Doing the best we can

Life sucks… and that’s okay                Self-Silencing



* Note:  The images on these pages come from Google Images. I select the images and quotes that speak to, connect with, what I am attempting to express through words and feeling states. As I am not the author of these photos, I use them with a profound sense of gratitude to those who have freely shared their images with the world. If you are the author of one of these images or quotes and would rather not have me use your work on any of my pages. Please let me know and I will happily take it down.


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