Dharma Talks

“Dharma” conveys a multitude of meanings depending upon one’s orientation. Within Hinduism, Dharma speaks to the actions one takes that are in accordance with the Universe and its plans for each individual’s life (i.e. one’s life purpose). For Buddhist, Dharma conveys the idea of Universal Order. While within Jainism and Sikhism, Dharma refers more towards the moral cleansing and path of righteousness that enables each person to imgrestranscend the limitations of their smaller self (the “I” related ego) and reunite with the Divine aspects of one’s larger Self (i.e. the Universal Consciousness within us all). (These I like to refer to Dharma with a capital “D.”)

Within the context of a Western Yoga Class, the concept of a “dharma talk” often serves as the moral grounding by which to begin to each practice. The purpose of these talks is to begin to shed light on, and potentially alter, one’s perspective by presenting a philosophical teaching on a given subject. (These I refer to dharma with a lower case “d.”)

Below you will find a sample of previous dharma talks I have provided as anchors for some of my classes. If you enjoyed these and would like to receive more, visit the contact page to sign up for my mailing list and I will  send you a new one each week.



Why Do you Do Yoga?                         Taking Yoga Off the Mat

Responsibility                                       Imposter Syndrome

“Love your apartment…”                   Shedding

Ragamuffin Mindset                           What does help look like?

Surrender                                              Fear of being seen

Self-care woes                                       Brahmacharya

Samskaras                                             Darkness And Light

Would you rather?                              Big and Little Ego

Fear                                                       “Never Not be afraid

The Teacher (and student)                 Fully Human?

There is no end point                          “No Mud. No Lotus

Cows                                                       Feeding the wolves

The ego and avoidance                       Find Joy Now!

Feelings as Messengers                       You are not your feelings

Congratulations for showing up!       Life’s Paradoxes

The Ego and God                                   You don’t have to do anything

What does help look like?                   Its time to grow

Everything is connected                       Judgments

Last one there is awesome!                  The Darkness Reveals  

The “problem” is not the problem         “Should” versus “Want”

Which voice do you listen to?                Opportunities in Disguise

There is no such thing as bad weather   

How do You know when things are going well? 

Everything I want is on the other side of this discomfort

What you seek can be found within        “Just around the river bend”

Fear, Ego, and Finding Compassion



The Courage to Show-up Fully          Being My Own Worst Enemy

What if God Were One of Us?            The Danger of the In-betweens

Asteya                                                    “Freedom is Gained…” 

Censorship                                             As you Sew

Aparigraha                                            Bearing Witness

Surrendering to Change                      Turtles

The “Enemy” Within                            Triggers

Trusting in the Universe                     Taking Responsibility 

I saw a sign                                            Meditate to Wholeness

Change: Feed Faith, Not Doubt          Here is where the work is

Just Let Go!                                            The gifts of the Universe

The Vishuddha Chakra                       Positive Resolutions

Breathe With                                         Vulnerability is the Key

The Courage to Sit                                 Inertia

The Big Choices                                      Mindfulness

What are you waiting for?                  Flying too low

Stop Complaining!                                 Can I just listen? 

Its all in the breath                                Express yourself

Fear, Ego, + Finding Compassion        Building Mental Immunity

Feel the fear and do it anyway            Self-care = I Got This! 

What mask are you wearing?             Are you ready to change? 

Why we Study Ourselves                      Time for loving kindness

Using you to discover you                   Honoring the Seasons

On the wrong train                               Baptize Yourself

Telling Ourselves “No.”                        What if I fail? What if you fly? 

Shedding as we pick up                       The Dog And The Prince

Make Friends With Yourself                Me Vs. The Four Maras

Grounding In Vs Checking Out           Two Coins            

Three Things To Contemplate             So busy being Judgy

Become comfortable with the Wobbles     Forgiveness is Freedom

The Man In The Arena                            Love Me More

Know, Like, And Trust                             Viva La Resistance! 

No Where Else To Be                                “Kill Your Darlings”

Stop. Drop. And Roll                                  What are your “trees”? 

Fall In Love With Life                              Reframing The Narrative

Vulnerability                                               Distractions



Truthfulness                                          The Cost of “I Don’t Know

The Courage to Walk your Talk         Doing the best we can

Life sucks… and that’s okay                Self-Silencing

Being Wise With Our Words               If you can’t say No….

The purpose isn’t the pose                    Ask Good Questions

Stop Complaining: Do something          Its the little things

Reclaim your wholeness                        The story I am telling myself

Connecting across distance                      YES!           

I want freedom in my life, not from my life.    Ong Namo

I love you. I’m sorry. Please forgive me. Thank you

Accountability and the unasked question 

This Is Never Going To Work                    Positivity Redefined


* Note:  The images on these pages come from Google Images. I select the images and quotes that speak to, connect with, what I am attempting to express through words and feeling states. As I am not the author of these photos, I use them with a profound sense of gratitude to those who have freely shared their images with the world. If you are the author of one of these images or quotes and would rather not have me use your work on any of my pages. Please let me know and I will happily take it down.


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