Everything is interconnected

For the past few weeks, I have found myself unconsciously asking  – How do I change the narrative of my life? The reason being: I have begun to notice that I live my life in a very specific manner, based upon a set of beliefs that say I will only be happy and fulfilled – in my personal and professional lives – when I know what my purpose is and am acting in accordance with that purpose (dharma).

This narrative dictates what is possible, what is real, for me on a daily, moment-to-moment basis. This narrative, and its surrounding thoughts and beliefs, not only dictates what is possible for me, and those around me, but also for the world and the universe at large. The result being that anything that doesn’t fit into this narrative – i.e. happiness without a clearly defined sense of purpose – is quickly disregarded.


I believe that in some form, the universe heard these unconscious inquires of mine and sent the following talk via one of my teachers. In the Mind Valley talk, “Everything is connected: Here’s How,”  Astrophysicist and Google X (Co-)Founder Tom Chi discusses the interrelationship between everything from Supernova’s (i.e. the destruction of stars/galaxies) and our heart beats, to blue green algae and our ability to breathe, as well as the act of one person’s creative expression and the impact it has on the collective consciousness.


Because this talk is worth a listen, I will only summarize the main point of his talk with a series of take-away questions: What if an individual’s purpose is beyond his/her level of consciousness? What if, by simply being, and living to the best of your ability, moment to moment, you were living your purpose? What freedom might come from living from this perspective?  What if there was nothing specific that we had to force ourselves to do or be in order to be worthy of existence, to be worth of love, to be worthy of having been born? What if there was absolutely nothing wrong, or lacking in our ability, to have a lasting impact in this world?


I encourage you to watch the talk, and then pose these questions to yourself in the area of your work/occupation, your relationships, even your body and how you see yourself. The goal is to see how you can change your narratives to provide a greater sense of freedom, ease, joy,  love, happiness, connection, dedication, patience, and surrender within your life.