Find joy now!

Ralph Waldo Emerson is said to have said, “You wouldn’t have the desire if you didn’t have the ability to achieve it.” Although I love the sentiment expressed by this statement, I do believe it requires a bit of modification. For I have found that often, my desire (my kama in sanskrit) often creates a lot of suffering in its pursuit, as that desire leads me down a path that perhaps initially would not have been one I wanted to transverse. Consequently, often even when I was able to attain that which I desired, very often the desire was better than the attainment of that goal in short because the attainment of my external desires hadn’t met the internal need for connection, love, happiness, freedom, autonomy, or ease expressed by that external marker.  
           So while, I love this quote by Emerson, I believe it is a good mantra to help us through those challenging points in time, I would like to amend it slightly. You wouldn’t have the desire for personal wholeness, connection, love, growth, compassion, healing, growth, integrity, or whatever it is that makes your soul ache if you didn’t have the ability to achieve it. And the attainment of this deeper goal can be accomplished by finding the joy that occurs in this moment as you work towards that goal. 
            So the questions I have for you, the ones I am hoping to ask myself this
week are: What do you desire? And joy can you find right now in the pursuit of that desire? How is this moment, whatever it may be or however it may look, helping you gain the completeness, freedom, and ease you’ve been longing for? How can you find more joy in the mini-micro wins (micro-steps) that comprise our life experiences? And throughout it all, how can you celebrate yourself for doing your best to show up through every moment of it all?
           Take a few moments to sit with these thoughts and if possible allow them to come to mind as you move through your day and your life.