Forgiveness is Freedom

Over the past few months, I have found myself intermittently experiencing what can only be termed burnout. I have felt sad, angry, anxious, helpless and hopeless. In this state, I have found that it is has been very challenging to continue to enjoy a job that I once loved so passionately. As these feelings continue to shift and mold, I am reminded of the words of healer and breath work facilitator, Christian De La Huerta: to heal we must go inside and give voice to our pains in order to forgive ourselves and others. For by doing so, we gain freedom, which is true health.

As we move into these first few days and weeks of this new year, I invite you to “go inside, give voice to, and forgive” whatever burdens your heart. Whether these pains are in the area of personal relationships, your career, or even the relationship you have with yourself, makes no difference. Forgiveness on one front is said to create ripples that have effects in all areas of your life.