A few weeks ago I read Man’s Search for Meaning by Viktor Frankl. One of the ideas, or rather rhetorical questions prompted by Frankl’s work was the following question: How am I vegetating in life?

This question came to mind, of course because Frankl suggests that the individuals who are able to find meaning in their lives, in whatever situations they happen to find themselves, are those who are devoted to something bigger than themselves – whether that be a person, an occupation, a cause, or a spiritual belief. And yet, even though having a reason to live is helpful in helping one find meaning and purpose in one’s life, one still needs to do the work.

So the question I have for you, the one I have been asking of myself is: how are you vegetating in life? Where have you become inert? And remember, inertia does not mean that something is completely still. Inertia refers to the constant speed of something. So a person running a million miles is as inert (at least technically) as a person who is standing completely still. This question might apply to your intimate relationships (with others or yourself), your career, or even your relationship to your body (your asana practice)? What, in the terms of physics, is the force necessary to break your pattern? Remember this could include stillness.