Just Let Go!

A few days ago I found myself exceptionally moody. I had risen in an okay state and after having a slight interaction with my mother I noticed I had became instantly agitated. For what ever reason, my mother often serves as one of those people who can create a great deal of stress within my physical body simply by walking into the room. She doesn’t even have to say anything or do anything. There are times that her simple presence creates an unexplainable amount of stress and anxiety within my physical body.

imgresSince becoming aware of this internal reaction, I’ve created a goal to resolve this tension within me. What I am coming to realize is that whatever annoys me about her is something that I find equally annoying/intolerable within myself. So by rejecting her, I am rejecting aspects of myself – both literally, as she’s physically connected to me, as well as metaphorically, as whatever traits she exhibits mirror some of my own self-perceived character “flaws”.

In an attempt to resolve this tension, I have referenced many things, including The Sedona Method, that suggest the only means of changing my behavior are:

  1.  To first accept my feelings on this matter.
  2. Secondly, allow myself to fully welcome and experience the various thoughts, feelings, and sensations that naturally arise.
  3. Thirdly, ask myself if I would be willing to let these sensations, feelings, thoughts, and behaviors go.
  4. And finally, just let this thing go – as simply as one opens ones fist and lets the contents drop effortlessly to the floor.

The question I have for you, the question I am asking just-let-go-e1415677907806myself is: What are you clinging to at this moment? Can you fully experience that which you’d like to push away – even your resistance? Can you be open to choosing a new behavior, a new way of being, by letting go of this behavior? And finally, can you just let this thing go?

For some of you, these questions may apply to your intimate relations where you cling tenaciously to a thought, idea, or feeling about yourself or the other person. These questions may be applicable within your professional life where you may hold tightly to the idea or image you hold of yourself, your job, as well as your career goals. Maybe these questions might apply to your physical body or asana practice where you have a set of beliefs about what is and isn’t possible for you.

imagesWhatever you may or may not be holding onto, I would like to invite you to really consider if this strategy is working for you. If not, would you be willing to let go of these behaviors?If so, when? The answers to these questions, according to Hale Dwoskin of The Sedona Method are essential to helping us learn to live a life of ease, joy, and personal freedom – Even if your natural response is no.

Take a moment to choose something you are working with and then answer as honestly as you can the four questions listed above. You can work with these questions as long as necessary until you feel a natural release and ease in your body.