“Love your apartment…..”

A few years ago, while standing in the line to sample some wedding desserts, I met a woman named Sarah Jenkins. At the time, Sarah was a body image consultant for brides to be.  Even though I was not engaged or anticipating the need of her services any time soon, I signed up for her mailing list because Sarah seemed nice.

Over the course of three or four months, I received many emails from Sarah. Most of these emails provided words of encouragement and other tools to help women images feel better about themselves and the bodies they inhabited. Of all the things Sarah Said, one concept has stayed with me all these years:  “Love your apartment, while working towards your dream house.” By this, Sarah argued that even though one had a goal to lose weight, they didn’t need to let that goal cause them to hate their lives.  Instead, loving life as it was, and their bodies as they were, might help them attain their goal even faster.  In short because doing so required that one drop the weight of the negative thought pattern of “I can only be happy when….”

This idea of loving the present moment, while working towards one’s goals, is something I have been thinking about lately as I have found myself  stressed out because things are not as I want them or have “dreamed them to be.”

With these thoughts in mind, I wanted to share the following questions with you as possible contemplation points:

      • What goals are you currently working towards? 
      • What narratives do rehearse about how life might be once you attain your specific goals? 
      • And, in what ways can you begin to celebrate the things that are working in your life right now while also keeping your longer term goals in sight? 

These questions might apply to your health and wellbeing, personal finances, career, or relationships with self or others.  imgresWhere ever they might apply, I encourage you to consider the possibility that being kinder to yourself as you work towards these goals might be the secret to actually attaining them.