“Love your apartment…..”

A few years ago, while standing in the line to sample some lovely wedding dessert, I met a woman named Sarah Jenkins. At the time, Sarah was a body image consultant for brides to be.  While I was not engaged, I signed up for her mailing list.

Over the course of three or four months, I received many emails from Sarah. Most of these emails provided words of encouragement and tools targeted to women imageshoping to feel better about themselves and their bodies before they walked down the isle.

Although this wasn’t my particular story, there was one thing Sarah said that has stayed with me over the years. And that is, “Love your apartment, while working towards your dream house.” Sarah used this analogy as a means of helping women better enjoy the process of losing weight, while living life. It was Sarah’s mission to get women to find comfort and joy with their bodies, and their lives, exactly as they were. Thereby removing their weight as a reason why they “couldn’t be happy” now, while still working towards their goals.

This idea of loving the present moment, while working towards one’s future goals is something I have been thinking about a lot lately as I have found myself getting stressed out because things are not as I “expect them to be,” have “dreamed them to be.”

The question I have for you, the question I have been asking myself, is this: what are you currently working towards? And how can you begin to celebrate the things that are working to help move you forward towards that goal?  Your current target could be  in the realm of imgreshealth and wellbeing, personal finances, your career, or your relationships to self or others. Whatever it is, how can you begin to enjoy what is working right now while still keeping your eye on the prize? How can you more fully embrace and cherish the present moment gifts that are incrementally moving you one small step closer towards your larger visions?