No Where Else To Be

Today’s dharma talk is based upon a phrase I heard my Senior Teacher mention during one of his opening meditations directed towards resolving animosity. The phrase is “The body is here. The intention is to be here. There is no where else to be.”

With everything that has been going on in the world for the past three months – whether it be the world pandemic, the social unrest, or the changing and evolving of my own place of work and my own relationships – I have found it exceptionally challenging to remain calm and grounded in any given moment. My mind always seems to be thinking two to three steps ahead or engaged in the fruitless battle to rewrite two or three steps I took before. In such a state, I have found that my body begins to engage in equally futile tasks of either pacing, binge eating, multi-tasking, compulsively cleaning, you name it.

Quote by Pema Chodron

While this type of mental and physical activity is engaging, they rarely create the sense of calm and steadiness I am seeking. Mostly because through activity, I am avoiding the giant elephant in the room – i.e. my feelings about a given situation, relationship, state of events. Being one that is both emotional and yet attempts to control the expression of my emotions, I am starting to more fully understand that healing can only occur when I give myself permission to be fully present and awake to whatever is going on in this moment. Once I can do that – i.e. once I can remind myself that there is no where else to be, that the intention is to be right here with myself as I am – I begin to create the space for things to naturally shift, evolve, and dissolve on their own.

So as you come into your practice today, I invite you to become aware of your body, your breath, and your thoughts. And whenever your mind begins to wonder, can you remind yourself that “Your body is here. The intention is to be here. And there is no where else to be.”