Positive Resolutions

With this being a new year, I have found myself thinking about resolutions I have for the new year and the intentions I would like to set for the future and keep in the present.imgres

Regarding the resolutions, the decisions I would like to make for the new year, I’ve realized that many revolve around stories I hold of the past. Specifically, these stories are comparisons between myself and others – including the idealized image I hold of myself. More importantly, most of these stories are not very loving or compassionate towards who I happen to be at this moment. 

QUOTE OF THE DAY: If your heart sets out to do good things, things will only get better. Sheng-Lin Andrew Tseng

After a bit of thought, I’ve begun to wonder if this may be a similar pattern for many others. That is, what if  we all make resolutions (decisions) for the New Year based upon changing aspects of ourselves that we’re not one hundred percent in love with? What if it is this underlying negativity that causes 92% of us to fail to keep our New Year’s Resolutions? What if its this sense of self-worthlessness, these comparisons, and lack of self-love and self-compassion for who we are at this moment, and any given moment, that imgres-1actually cause many of us to fail to make the types of changes we aspire to make in our lives?

As an alternative, as a means of setting ourselves up for success, I would like to offer the following suggestion: What if we took a moment to really acknowledge the things that we’ve been working on that have been going well? What if we  based our resolutions for the future around the small celebrations of we’ve already been doing? What progress might we make if we our decisions of the future were based upon positivity versus negativity?

As you think about the things you’d like to manifest in the New Year, take a few moments to think about what you’ve accomplished so far and allow those reflections to influence your decisions for the future.