Public Class Descriptions

Align + Flow:

Focused on establishing clear alignment, Align + Flow classes are organized around the concept of teaching a series of key actions that will improve one’s general practice.  By highlighting the mechanics involved in a series of specific poses, each Align + Flow class offers its practitioners the opportunity to gain ease and mastery of the particular skill as well as apply that skill set to other areas of one’s practice, including an optional “peak pose” of the class.

Align & Flow level 1 classes are focused on building a solid foundation within one’s physical practice. Align & Flow level 1-2 classes build upon the elements of level one and focus on more of the subtle elements of one’s practice. While Align & Flow level 2 classes begin to turn one’s practice inward, by allowing the practitioner to really explore the more mental and spiritual elements.

Restorative Yoga:

Relaying heavily upon the use of props, Restorative Yoga classes focus on creating effortless alignment in order to ease tensions in the mind and body.  Each class works to support the healing process of its practitioners through slower paced sequence based upon grounding postures and an overall relaxing atmosphere.


Accessible to individuals of various levels, Vinyasa classes work on safely building one’s basic yoga vocabulary while uniting the breath with movement.

Through informed demonstrations and simple sequences, Vinyasa 1 classes focus on developing the practitioner’s total body strength, flexibility, and balance. Vinyasa 2 classes build upon the skills acquired in Vinyasa 1 and expand the students’ asana knowledge and capacities through the presentation of longer sequences, varied inversions, binds, and twists.  The goal within all Vinyasa classes is to unite breath and movement in order to cultivate a greater self-awareness within its practitioners.

Yin Yoga:

More meditative in nature, Yin Yoga classes work to gently bring a practitioner to one’s edge through stilling the mind and stretching the connective tissues of the body (i.e. tendons, ligaments, and fascia). By holding a series of poses for a longer period of time, a Vin Yoga class promotes a gentle unwinding of tensions within the mind and body and provides a perfect compliment to more active yang practices.