Stop complaining: Do something

Lately, I have found myself wanting to be more mindful of my language. In particular, I have noticed that I have a habit of complaining and uttering the words “I don’t have enough _____.” What goes in that blank could be anything from time or energy, to money, knowledge, love, support, or even understanding. And while these words, may not always pass through my lips, they do circle my mind and influence my actions.

As the law of attraction states that what we say and think become our reality, I have the desire to change a pattern that is no longer serving. To that end, the goal has recently been to focus on what I say to myself (and others) internally and externally. And instead of saying, I don’t have enough ____(what-have-you), I am working towards believing that I am abundant in that area beyond belief.

So for example, when habit may say I am short on time or money to do “x, y, or z,” I am working to act as though I have both in plenty.  When habit says I do not have enough talent or knowledge to teach this or try that, I am developing the faith that I have more than enough talent and knowledge to succeed in these endeavors. And when habit says that I do not have enough, love or support, I am working to count the ways and the people that show up for me – always at the right moment and always in droves.

The question I have for you, the one I am asking of myself is this: Where in  your life could you use more trust (Shraddha -faith) that you have more than enough _____ in your life to live more fully?  What things are you saying or doing (consciously or unconsciously that might be deflecting the realization of your efforts?  What actions can you begin to take right now in this moment to begin to move the needle in the opposite direction?  

Whatever you find, I encourage you to be gentle with yourself. Life is a journey. Nothing about who you are at a deep intrinsic soul level is unworthy of having all the happiness, love, joy, connection, abundance, or success you desire. The thing that is minimizing your efforts is nothing more than a thought (a habit) that says that you cannot have or are in some way undeserving of true fulfillment.  Our work begins first by noticing the thought, next by questioning it, and third by changing it.