The teacher (and student) within all of us

Recently, I have found myself thinking about the all the random people within my life – past and present. Specifically, I have found myself thinking about each of these individuals and the various lessons (and reactions to those lessons) I have learned from each of those individuals.


In noting that every person I have met, regardless of how comfortable I was with the experience at the time, was there to teach a specific lesson – I’ve been thinking a lot about the old adage that: “When the student is ready, the teacher appears” or in my recent case, “When the teacher is ready, the student appears.”

The question, the invitation, that I have for each of you Рthe question I have been asking myself Рis what if you were to view every person, situation, event, or relationship within your life as a teacher there to teach you a lesson, or a student entrusted to you to learn a particular lesson? What if a particular difficulty within your relationship, work, or body was a lesson you were intended to learn? What if a particular freedom within your relationships, career, or asana practice was a specific lesson you were intended to impart? How does this perspective change how you interact with that person, place, or thing?