The Vishuddha Chakra

Recently I have noticed that I have had a hard time speaking my truth. To that end, I started researching means to open my throat chakra, the Vishuddha chakra. This chakra, which translates to pure essence, is often said to be the center from which one can express their truth, kindness, imgres-1gentleness, creativity, and honesty. From my perspective, it seems that having an open and strong throat chakra is important to allowing and creating relationships of substance.  

And as I aspire to have relationships of substance, having the ability to easily and effectively communicate my wants, needs, and desires while being open to receiving the wants, needs, and desires of another is of vital importance. Recently, I have noticed this is not happening in many of my relationships. For instead of feeling connected to another person, I often feel isolated, alone, invisible, and even dissatisfied by something I said, did not say, something they said, or something they did not say. 

To aid in this process of healing, I have been humming. According to an article I read on Sonima, the simple act of humming calms the vagus nerve (which connects every major organ) and stimulates the release of nitric oxide (which helps reset any organs that have come out of their imgresnatural vibratory frequencies). Thus, when there is illness in the body it may be possible to correct this with a few vibratory tune ups.

That being said, I would like you to take a few moments to tune into your breath. Simply notice its length, quality, and texture. And when you’re ready, set a timer and then begin to hum a single tone with every exhalation until the timer goes off.  Jessica Caplan (the author of the previously mentioned article), suggests that adding a simple intention/focal point as you hum helps you manifest your dreams.