For the past few days, I have found myself fascinated by turtles. Within the spiritual world, the turtle is seen as a type of mentor, it is revered as a teacher that instructs us how to walk our imgrespaths in life with a peaceful and serene sense of perseverance and determination – even in the face of the unknown. Such modeling, is clearly illustrated by the manner in which a female sea turtle slowly makes her solitary journey to plant her fertilized eggs before once again returning to her aquatic environment. And surprisingly, she makes such an arduous journey, even though she may never see the efforts of her actions. That is, after the female sea turtle makes her way to dry land and deposits her eggs, she returns back to the sea, never to see whether her offspring hatch, reach maturation, or even make it to the sea from which she came.  All of her efforts, are therefore truly executed without a sense of attachment to outcome. And instead seem to be guided by some inner knowing, a place of complete trust and surrender to the divine force that guides her every action.


The question I have for you, the question I am working to ask myself, is how might I use the Sea Turtle as an example in my own life? How can I begin to cultivate more trust (and perseverance) in my actions without getting caught up in expectations, hopes, or dreams associated with those actions?  is it possible to work diligently in one’s career without getting bogged down by the expectations/aspirations of making a sale, getting a promotion, or getting that raise? Is it possible to take the extra time to speak and act compassionately within an intimate relationship without being attached to the intention/desire of having your own needs met? And can I  remain present in my asana practice and slow down in your approach to be really with whatever comes up?

How can we use the turtle as role model of how to patiently walk our individual live’s path with both determination as well as serenity?