What are you waiting for?

By many accounts, I am considered a very calculating person.  It is not in my repertoire to be “spontaneous” or “spur of the moment” in any of my actions.


While this trait has served me well, and allowed me to excel in various positions and situations that require a methodical approach, in other areas, where risk taking is rewarded, this mental propensity has left me a bit behind the curve.


Recently, I have found myself reading Jack Canfield’s The Success Principals. In it, Canfield (p.102)argues that waiting for the perfect time, the perfect situation, the perfect amount of preparedness, or the perfect person before you can take action is only delaying your potential for success as “there’s rarely a ‘perfect’ time to do anything.” It’s a fantasy we create in our heads. Instead, we need to remind ourselves that “What’s important is to get started.”

So the question I have for you, the one I am asking of myself is, what are you waiting for? What “imaginary thing”are you allowing to keep you stuck in your current state of being? And what small steps can you take in order to move forward?