What does help look like?

Many of us are familiar with the following fable:

There was once a big flood and a religious man climbed to the top of his home in order to escape the clutches of the water. As the water climbed the man was offered three chances for escape, each time declining the offer of help with the statement, “God will save me.” When the waters finally over took the man and he passed on, he demanded to speak with god. In God’s presence the man was told that three times he had attempted to offer his assistance, and each time the man failed to properly see and receive that support.

Lately, I have found myself thinking about this story because it seems that if we¬†were able to see everything around us as some form of assistance from the divine source that connects, unites, and animates us all, we might have a different attitude towards life in all its various forms. By this I mean that perhaps we might not reject the “help” that comes in the form of criticism or momentary set backs. We might not become hostile towards things that momentarily seem to knock us of course or stand in our way towards attaining whatever it is we’re striving for.

The question I have for you, the one I am asking of myself is this, how might we see everything – including the rude neighbor, the barking dog, the smelly garbage, the difficult boss, the needy partner, or the pains in our bodies – as a form of assistance from the divine to become the spiritual individuals we aspire to be? How can we change our relationships to what is, in order to be more fully present and appreciative to what is? How can we use this change in perspective to more fully, and completely, live our lives – especially when they don’t look as we’d like them to?

As you continue about your day, I invite you to notice what shifts in your experience simply by looking at everything as a form of benevolent assistance from an infinitely compassionate source.