Why Do Yoga?

While the physical practice of yoga is very widespread within the western world, not everyone is familiar with its range of benefits. The section below is a summary of an article by Corporate Wellness describing some of the perks of doing yoga.

Mindfulness programs like yoga have been shown to provide its practitioners with the means by which to handle a variety of life stressors. Whether it is one’s daily commute, a strain of interpersonal challenges, a demanding work schedule, one’s health, or a physical ailment – yoga has been shown to have a positive effect in reducing the impact of these stressors.   the-12-benefits-of-yoga_536dd80d6ee6d_w1500

The prevalence and consistency of so many daily tensions inherently make it challenging to find the time, or energy, to “add one more thing” to one’s ever growing to-do list. This is true even when the extra addition may contribute to one’s overall health and wellbeing.

This is where we come in!

Through our uniquely designed classes, we at One Beautiful You work to deliver classes that help maximize the benefits of a regular yoga practice that include:

Emotional wellness                            Improved strength

Increased flexibility                           Better balance

Healing                                                 Stress Reduction

Improved postural alignment         Energy-enhancement

Enhanced creativity and focus        Increased productivity


Ready to get started?

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