“Jessica’s classes are heart-centered, alignment focused, and intentional. Jessica sets out to create a safe container for her students by inviting them to share injuries or how their bodies are feeling with her before class. Jessica builds her sequences around her students, their bodies and their abilities. Sheimgres guides participants through a gentle align and flow class that feels rejuvenating and therapeutic. Jessica offers skillful hands on adjustments throughout class that make students feel nourished and seen.”

Absolutely fantastic! I love that Jessica started the class by meeting everyone and asking about injuries. Her Yin class was EXACTLY what I was looking for. I appreciated her knowledge of the vaso-muscular system and her suggestions/adjustments. I would 100% take a class of hers again! You should too!”

“Very efficient and clear instructions. Students learn a lot about alignment and focus on what part of body to utilize in the poses. It is very thorough and purposeful. Class is easy to follow and offers challenging poses.”

“Physically, I found your classes to make complete sense.  The “path,” or progression of asanas, possessed order.  There seemed to be an end goal in mind in both classes.  I found them challenging, but given the progression and choice of asana, this lead to a better chance for success as the practitioner.   I felt safely led into the asanas, knowing you would probably notice anything amiss with my alignment.  Your hands-on assists proved this. I enjoy your classes and think you’re an amazing instructor.  I hope you’re having fun while teaching us because you have so very much to offer students.”

“If you want to learn how to do it right, go to Jessica!”

“After attending a 300 hour yoga training with Jessica, and then taking yoga classes from her since she began teaching, I was excited when she offered private instruction.  I signed up right away!  Jessica has a deep understating of movement and the body and I needed some pointers with my practice.  Jessica has a keen eye and a clear voice and in our first session she identified  habits I developed over the years that needed some corrective attention.  Jessica is patient, inquisitive and clearly has been working with students for a long time.  I am practicing with less pain and more control. I highly recommend Jessica for private tutorials in movement.”

“From the first day I lucked in to Jessica Herring’s yoga class, I knew I would be back. I can’t say enough good things. Her dedication to the integrity of the practice and her profound ability to convey the details while sharing her authentic delightful self always make for an excellent enjoyable class.”

Jessica is a skilled, gentle and powerful teacher.  She has strong knowledge of anatomy and puts together exercises to heal and build strength.  Each class is unique.  Her direction is precise.  She is very aware of her students and what their individual needs are.  I always feel confident and safe in Jessica’s hands.  She is a master of her craft.

“Jessica is one of my favorite yogis! She provides caring and thoughtful instruction for all her students. She engages with each individual before each class and provides detailed alternatives for anyone with aches or injuries. When I had an elbow injury, she went out of her way to provide additional stretches I could use to help in the healing process. I always look forward to time with Jessica, as she has and exudes such positive energy that is infectious to those around her!

“I know that subtle adjustments to alignment can make a big difference in yoga and Jessica gives specific and helpful instructions that let me make sure I’m doing each pose in the way that is best for me. She provides options for using props in different ways to support what we are doing. Jessica makes sure everything is done in order to enhance the experience. I’m a loyal student of Jessica’s because of her skill in providing cues and her attention to detail.”

“When I first met Jessica, I was very impressed with her depth and knowledge of the anatomical processes and they related to dance and movement. Over the last several years, using this foundation of anatomy to enhance her depth of understanding of yoga and how the body works, I have seen her develop and grow into an extraordinary yogini and teacher. Her ability to make complex adjustment cues by knowing these body processes is extraordinary. The delivery, depth and cadence with which she guides students is, just like her, nothing short of astounding.”



Email Jessica jessica@theonebeautifulyou.com to set up a private session, a workshop, a retreat, or a corporate class.